Artemis, the peregrine falcon
Quick Facts
  • Hatch year 2001
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • From Minneapolis
  • Captive bred—falconry bird
  • Insufficient at hunting, retired
  • Female
  • Flighted

Artemis’s story is unique to The Raptor Center’s education department. Hatched in 2001, this peregrine falcon was captive bred for falconry, but was not imprinted by humans. She was trained for falconry for three years, but her falconer noticed that she seemed to have an aversion to flying upward and was not proficient at falconry past 200 to 300 feet. Notes suggest a congenital heart problem may have been the cause. In summer 2004, Artemis arrived at The Raptor Center’s education department. Artemis’s well-mannered, quiet demeanor made her a great match for becoming an educational ambassador.