From the clinic

Enhanced views to improve raptor care

A new digital radiograph machine has improved the care we provide to the patients in our care. See the difference and enhanced clarity of our x-ray images, and learn how it has already led to better care for one of our clinic patients.

Cold snap no match for bald eagles

Bald eagles stick around during the winter, braving the cold Minnesota temps. Due to their amazing adaptations to survive in the cold, we can continue to release eagles throughout the winter.

What makes a raptor - Part 3, keen eyesight

The eyes of a raptor vary species to species to match their specific hunting and life style, but all species share the same trait of having extremely keen and powerful eyes.

What makes a raptor - Part 2, sharp talons

Raptor talons do more than just grab prey, and each species has unique adaptations to make it more successful

Celebrity rehab, The Raptor Center style

In late July, a little “stardust” settled on the clinic as a celebrity made a visit. His name? Orton, the male breeding peregrine falcon from Rochester, Minnesota.

A basic need

Nutrition’s fundamental role in raptor rehabilitation

From the clinic

View clinic stats and read a special patient story

Raptor health, in our hands

Generosity powers our flight

Promoting precision

 A minimally responsive great horned owl makes a significant turnaround thanks to a new syringe pump donated to the TRC