Education Ambassadors

Rockstar ambassadors leave their mark throughout TRC history

The Raptor Center (TRC) bid farewell to Maxime, a beloved bald eagle in their education program this May. Maxime and other non-releasable raptor ambassadors have left an enduring legacy, inspiring a million raptor enthusiasts.

Introducing TRC’s newest educational ambassador: Aura the turkey vulture makes her debut

During the summer of 2022, a kind person came across a white and fluffy young bird on the floor of their barn in Ohio. As the bird was obviously too young to care for itself, the woman took the youngster inside her home and began caring for it with the best intentions.

In memory of Nero

Beloved turkey vulture ambassador Nero, one of the oldest known turkey vultures in North America, passed away on April 19, 2022 at 47 years of age. He had a lasting impact on conservation and our understanding of his species, and inspired hundreds of thousands as an education ambassador. Nero will be dearly missed.

Venturing into the unknown: geriatric raptor care

Raptors that are permanently under human care frequently outlive their wild counterparts. This leads to geriatric health issues that we don't see in wild birds. The Raptor Center is committed to researching and setting the standard for caring for these unique health concerns in older raptor ambassadors.

Training to Teach: Raptors undergo a thorough process to take wing as educational ambassadors

Raptors undergo a thorough process to take wing as educational ambassadors. See what it takes to train raptors for this unique role, including exclusive video of some of these techniques.

TRC honors the legacy of educational ambassador Artemis

In February, The Raptor Center (TRC) said goodbye to Artemis the peregrine falcon, one of its beloved educational ambassadors.