Friends of The Raptor Center

Max the match on November 14

Mark your calendars! On Give to the Max Day, the first $54,000 of gifts raised for The Raptor Center (TRC) will be matched by three loyal donors. These funds will be critical in helping TRC provide food, care, and world-class medical treatment to injured and ill raptors.

Promoting precision

 A minimally responsive great horned owl makes a significant turnaround thanks to a new syringe pump donated to the TRC

A rocky start

The late spring and summer months are commonly filled with stories reflecting unique challenges young raptors face once they leave the safety of their nests. In mid-August, the clinic admitted a young male osprey that fledged from its nest near a local gravel company.

Raptor Spotlight: Palisade the Peregrine Falcon

Palisade was acquired through the generous support of a loyal TRC donor and purchased from Andy Weaver, a falconer who teaches biology at Stillwater Area High School in Stillwater, Minn.

Susan Wilder Visitor Center welcomes guests

We are happy to report that the final phase of our visitor center assembly is complete. Our educational ambassador birds will now greet guests from their upgraded enclosures, which are full of natural habitat elements that provide the birds with enrichment and enhance the visitor experience.

Expanding treatment, research, and education

Thanks to the generosity of Bob Wilder, the Raptor Center (TRC) has added a new, full-time staff veterinarian. Dana Franzen-Klein, DVM, MS, began in the role July 1.

Onward and upward

Raptors have always served as a collective barometer of ecological health, and in recent decades, the news is increasingly concerning—and sending an environmental wake-up call

Oh, baby!

In a typical year The Raptor Center see 120 young raptors which require TRC’s specialized care and treatment. The knowledge and experience our clinic staff and volunteers provide gives raptor babies the best chance of survival in the early and often most different months of their lives.

Partnering for wildlife

The Raptor Center launched a new three-year initiative aiming to improve animal welfare in wildlife rehabilitation across all species—not just raptors. This first-of-its-kind program, called Partners for Wildlife (P4W), is being piloted in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska.

A sooty rescue

When a Minnesota resident went to light a fire in her fireplace, the sound of a distressed bird in her chimney gave her pause. Suspecting the bird was an owl, she knew to call The Raptor Center (TRC) to perform a rescue.