March Gladness - A month of bird releases in pictures
The Raptor Center

We're entering into our busiest time of the year and it kicked off with a little bit of madness in March. We resumed all flight training for rehabilitating birds now that the weather is warmer and the snow is gone. Birds that overwintered in our clinic are being released or are getting prepped to return home. And we welcomed our first babies of the year!

Entering our busy season also means more raptor releases! This month we released 26 birds back to the wild. That total includes:

  • 5 bald eagles
  • 10 barred owls
  • 7 great horned owls
  • 5 northern saw-whet owls

Moving forward we'll have even more birds and many more releases each month, which we'll continue to share with you. We put together a slideshow of a few of the birds released in March, all of which are now back out in the wild!

Two northern saw-whet owls on a perch
Bald eagle exiting a release crate
2021 first baby ghow
Barred owl being flown on a creance line
Outstretched wing of a great horned owl
A barred owl on a perch
4-week old great horned owl chick
Northern saw whet owl atop a birdhouse
TRC vet intern Ria holding an adult bald eagle for release
Barred owl in a tree post-release