K-12 aged programs

Perfect for students or inquisitive youth, The Raptor Center is excited to bring you an array of exciting educational offerings! In today’s chaotic learning environment, educators and parents need safe and meaningful teaching experiences without leaving home or the classroom. Let The Raptor Center help! All proceeds from education offerings go directly to support wildlife conservation and education. Choose from our diverse programs below or work with us to customize to your needs:

Virtual Classroom (Live, grades 6-8)

Bald eagle on a Zoom screen

The Raptor Center’s Virtual Classroom is a multi-session, live, interactive series of 4 modules that use raptors as a lens to

teach science. Specifically designed to meet Minnesota Grade 7 academic standards, but exciting and educational for grades 6-8, modules will work towards science standards mastery in topics including anatomy, food webs, and populations and communities. Raptor Center educators will engage students in each module with live, interactive virtual meetings that educators will be able to record for asynchronous learning. Supplementary assessment tools and content will be provided to teachers to continue to engage students outside of the live sessions.

Cost: $425 for the series of one 45 minute live program and three 20 minute live program modules.

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Virtual Field Trip (Live, all ages)

A field trip experience that is unlike any that you could ever have in person! With the power of technology, let us bring you virtually into our center for a 30 minute, live, interactive field trip experience. Go behind the scenes at the Raptor Center into areas not included on the normal in person tour, meet our ambassador birds waaaay closer than you ever could in person, and learn about grade-appropriate science and conservation topics. Includes downloadable grade-specific worksheets and supplement learning resources. Purchase a Field Trip for your use, sponsor one for a classroom or learning group, or donate to our general field trip fund to help bring field trips to classes that would otherwise be unable to afford the experience.

Cost: $125

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Raptors of the Midwest - A Deep Dive into the World of Raptors (Live, all ages)

zoom meeting with a great horn

More time means more birds and deeper dives into education topics! In this 45 minute experience, we will virtually bring 3-4 of our raptors into your learning environment, getting students up close and personal with amazing birds of prey such as a hawk, eagle, falcon or owl. This interactive experience lets students ask questions and learn more about different raptors found in the midwest, their role in the environment, unique adaptations that make raptors different than other birds, and amazing success stories of what is possible when we come together to protect wildlife and their environment. 

Cost: 3 bird program (does not include a bald eagle) $175, 4 bird program (includes a Bald eagle) $225

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 Raptor Zoomies (Live, all ages)

bald eagle in front of a computer

Shake up the learning day with a surprise classroom guest, as an eagle, hawk, owl, falcon, or vulture crashes your virtual day! For 15 minutes, one of our education ambassador birds and their human educator will join your virtual class or learning group. Re-energize students as they get to watch an owl eat or an eagle call and have all of their questions answered by our experts.

Cost: $50 for a non eagle program/ $75 for an eagle program

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Raptor Lab (On Demand, grades 6-12)

Raptor Lab header

Raptor Lab is our free online scientific research investigation tool that your grade 6-12 students will love! It brings students into an online learning environment with three learning modules focusing on teaching the nature of science and the process of scientific investigation. As a teacher, you have access to a full online Teacher Toolbox, which will give you in-depth curriculum with class schedules, learning outcomes, concepts covered, descriptions of each of the learning videos, and answer keys for all student activities; and a Class Management System allowing teachers to manage and give feedback on student work. 

Cost: Free!

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Customized Offerings

The Raptor Center educators are passionate about working with schools, programs, or educators to create customized offerings which meet specific logistical constraints and learning objectives. Need a series of offerings? After School program? Specific content? Unique delivery methods? Contact us today to discuss how we can help create a meaningful learning experience!

Cost and Registration: Please contact us for details and to discuss your custom program at [email protected]