Most owls, especially small owls, are very subtle in their observable behaviors. Because of this, many bird trainers have a difficult time training small owls with positive reinforcement training. This interactive talk takes a deep dive into the observable behaviors in small owls, techniques to work with small owls in a positive reinforcement way and how we as trainers influence it all.

Wednesday, December 15
7 - 8:30pm central time

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Presenter: Gail Buhl, Partnership Coordinator for Partners for Wildlife

Gail Buhl has worked in the Ambassador Animal world for over 30 years. Her professional career has focused on presenting and training Animal Ambassadors to present to the public. The goal of that Environmental Education is to help the public become environmentally literate in an engaging way. Gail has been a team member and supervised four very diverse collections and programs. Gail teaches at conferences across the country, and has coordinated and presented workshops on Ambassador Animal training and presentation. She is involved in one to one mentoring with organizations and individuals. Gail is one of the Editors for “A Guide for the Care and Use of Program Animals” 2nd Edition, 2018. Published by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (NWRA). Currently, Gail is the Partnership Coordinator for the Partners for Wildlife program.

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