The Raptor Center staff are also faculty within several departments at the University of Minnesota. Many are active in professional organizations, and recognized as leaders within their respective fields.

Raptor Center Staff

Annette Ahlmann-Garcia, DVM, MS, CWR

Associate Veterinarian

Anthony Baffo

Communications Coordinator

Catherine Boudreau

Education Program Coordinator
Office Phone: (612)624-3261

Gail Buhl

Partners for Wildlife Partnership Coordinator
Office Phone: 612-624-3261

Jamie Clarke

Senior Veterinary Technician
Office Phone: 612-624-3761

Kaycee Daentl, DVM

Partners for Wildlife Veterinary Intern

Hilary DeVries

Clinic Manager

Scarlet Fitzsimmons

Education Grant Program Naturalist

Dana Franzen-Klein, DVM, MS

Medical Director
Office Phone: 612-624-2271

Kirk Klocke

Partners for Wildlife Outreach Project Specialist

Jenna Kopp

Education Naturalist

Rob Kulhanek

Partners for Wildlife Program Manager
Office Phone: 612-624-3261

Melissa Moore

Education Director

Judy Moran

Education Grant Program Naturalist

Ellen Orndorf

Development Officer
Office Phone: 612-624-8457

Julia Ponder, DVM, MPH

Project lead for Partners of Wildlife
Office Phone: 612-624-3431

Kathryn Rasp, DVM

Veterinary Intern

Kelsey Rayment, DVM

Veterinary Resident

Patrick T. Redig, DVM, PhD

Co-founder and Director Emeritus

Evan Rock

Education Grant Program Naturalist

Kelly Scott

Interpretive Naturalist
Office Phone: 612-624-0760

Ann Skaja

Volunteer Coordinator

Libby Steger

Front Desk
Office Phone: 612-624-4745

Corryn Vitek

Senior Veterinary Technician
Office Phone: 612-624-4745

Alyssa Weidner

Partners for Wildlife Administrative Specialist