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Join us for a tour to learn all about the incredible work of owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles!

Raptors of Minnesota program. A group looks at a peregrine falcon perched in the hand of a raptor handler

The Raptors of Minnesota

30 - 50 minute program for all ages. Host the program at your site or bring your group to The Raptor Center.

A graphic depicting an eagle perched upon a wrapped birthday present beside a birthday cake. There is a banner over them that reads "Happy Hatchday"

Hatchday party

Celebrate your birthday with raptors! Enjoy our Raptors of Minnesota program along with a private event space for you and your group to celebrate your special day.

Summer camp programs

Youth programs

Check out the amazing activities and opportunities we provide for our youth to explore the world of raptors through our scout programs, summer camps, and the Youth Raptor Corps. 

Person releasing a bald eagle

Raptor Academy

Raptor Academy offers a comprehensive selection of learning opportunities for those working with raptors under human care.

Raptor Workshops


The Raptor Center offers workshops to orient both the novice and expert bird managers to the finer points of caring for and maintaining captive raptors for educational purposes. 

bald eagle

Raptor Lab

Immerse yourself in an online learning environment focused on providing students with an authentic learning experience in science and environmental education.

A Raptor Center volunteer with Lois the great horned owl

Meet and greet booths

60-minute minimum, 4-hour maximum for all ages. Booths are ideal for any event where individuals will be walking around and learning at their own pace.