Injured bird


If you find an injured raptor or you are a professional in need of guidance/consultation on an active case, staff are available to help seven days a week year round. Call us at: 612-624-4745.

Raptor handling tips

If you must handle or move an injured raptor, learn more about how to do so safely for both you and the raptor.

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Clinic information

Learn about our hours of operation and the species we've helped

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Found a raptor after our business hours?

We are unable to accept new patients after our business hours. If you find an injured raptor and we are currently closed, please keep it in an safe place until we reopen and use the following procedures:

  • Keep the bird in a secure container (kennel carrier, box with lid taped shut, etc.) with a towel, pillowcase or old t-shirt to help reduce stress.
  • Place the bird in a room that won't have human or pet traffic (extra bedroom, guest bathroom, heated garage, etc.). 
  • Keep the lights off in the room. 
  • Do not feed the bird. 

We open for admits at 8 am the following day and our phone lines are monitored beginning at 8 am as well. Please call before bringing a raptor to our center or if you need help with transport.

Note that with severe trauma some patients may die overnight. Please realize this is not your fault and with massive trauma it most likely would die even in our care. We're thankful for your compassion and for giving the bird a safe, warm place to be overnight.