March Gladness - A month of bird releases in pictures

March was a busy month in our clinic and things won't slow down anytime soon. We released 26 birds back to the wild this month. See a collection of these raptors in our slideshow.

Enhanced views to improve raptor care

A new digital radiograph machine has improved the care we provide to the patients in our care. See the difference and enhanced clarity of our x-ray images, and learn how it has already led to better care for one of our clinic patients.

Cold snap no match for bald eagles

Bald eagles stick around during the winter, braving the cold Minnesota temps. Due to their amazing adaptations to survive in the cold, we can continue to release eagles throughout the winter.

Freedom's next adventure

Freedom the bald eagle came to The Raptor Center in perhaps the most dramatic way possible - but he's now about to begin his next big adventure at a New Jersey zoo.

The earliest of early birds

Great horned owls are typically the earliest nesting raptors in Minnesota, laying eggs in January and early February and braving sub-arctic temperatures. But what’s the rush and what's the cycle of mating like for these owls?

What makes a raptor - Part 3, keen eyesight

The eyes of a raptor vary species to species to match their specific hunting and life style, but all species share the same trait of having extremely keen and powerful eyes.

What makes a raptor - Part 2, sharp talons

Raptor talons do more than just grab prey, and each species has unique adaptations to make it more successful

What makes a raptor - Part 1, hooked beaks

Raptors have a combination of unique features, including a hooked, sharp beak. Beaks help a raptor eat, preen, and even FLY!

A pillar to our community

The Raptor Center (TRC) remembers the legacy of Paul Verret, longtime supporter and friend who recently passed.

Outdoor Investigations in the STEM Classroom

Funded by the Cargill Foundation, OISC aims to bringing a STEM-based curriculum, Raptor Lab, into classrooms in underserved communities in Minneapolis, its northern and western suburbs, and St. Paul.