Advancing raptor medicine
April 24, 2024
Dr. Dana Franzen-Klein

Starting in the 1970s with devising the leading surgical fracture repair technique for birds worldwide, The Raptor Center (TRC) has been a pioneer in avian medicine and surgery over its 50-year history. Co-founder Dr. Pat Redig pioneered the practice of reimagining the tools used in small animal veterinary care for raptors, which until then had no modern species-specific medicine.

A tray of fixator materials
Tools used for "Tie-in Fixator" surgery | Photo by Anthony Baffo

Advancements in medical and rehabilitative care at TRC have never stopped. Enhanced radiograph (X-ray) technology allows clinic staff to diagnose more subtle injuries that could not have been previously detected. Effective medications for the species cared for at the center are continuously identified, including antibiotics, and pain and stress- reducing medications. Reliable techniques have been developed to best help young raptors reunite with their family or a foster family, so they can have the best possible chance for a wild life.

TRC’s expertise stems from examining more than 31,500 wild raptors, which has expanded knowledge of raptor natural history and behavior while enriching veterinary skills and raising environmental awareness.

Dedicated to continuous progress in raptor medicine and supported by volunteers and donors, TRC has contributed greatly to the veterinary sciences and wildlife conservation, aiming to extend its legacy and advancements into the future.