TRC Special Raptor Badge (for all scout groups, 5th-12th grades)

Ambassador Scout Red-tailed Hawk

Join us at The Raptor Center to explore how your troop can be an advocate for Minnesota raptors. Enjoy a tour of our facility, meet ambassador birds up close, and participate in a creative project to empower scouts to be an advocate for wildlife. Participants will learn about Minnesota raptors, conservation actions they can take, and how to communicate what they learn with their community. Contact us at [email protected] to register.

Total program time: 1 hr 40 minutes.

Total Fee: $15.00 per child in attendance.

Learning Goals:
Visit The Raptor Center and learn about what goes into raptor rehabilitation and outreach;
★ Learn about native Minnesota raptor species and species specific conservation goals and actions;
Learn how to be an advocate for wildlife by creating either an infographic OR social media post to share what you’ve learned about raptors and how we can all work together to help protect Minnesota raptors;
★ Scouts will be able to name at least five different raptor species and what they can do to help protect them;
★ Scouts will be able to name at least one raptor conservation success story. 

Badge Program will include:
Tour of The Raptor Center;
★ Forty minute program meeting birds on the glove;
★ Guided creative project creating an infographic or social media post advocating for raptors and wildlife conservation;
★ The Raptor Center red-tail trail badges.

Contact us at [email protected] to register.

Girl Scout Specific Programs

Join us at The Raptor Center for programming designed to help fulfill requirements for wildlife and conservation focused Girl Scout Badges. Programs can cover badges including:

★ DAISIES - Animal Observer badge & Eco Learner badge;

★ BROWNIES - Eco Friend badge;

★ JUNIORS - Animal Habitats badge;

★ CADETTES - Animal Helper badge;

★ AMBASSADORS - Eco Advocate badge;

★ Kick-start project ideas and fulfill the partnership with a local environmental organization for the Endangered Species Patch Program for CADETTES, SENIORS, and AMBASSADORS.

Program Fee: Groups up to 10 children are $125.00. Each additional child (scout, sibling, etc.) is $10.00. Each adult is $3.00.
Chaperone Requirements: One adult be present for every seven children in attendance.

Programs will include a look at our facilities, meeting our ambassador birds up close in educational programs, and participating in activities and creative projects designed to empower young learners to develop a relationship with and be an advocate for wildlife.

We are happy to work together to create scout programs that best fit the needs of your troop and badge requirements.

Scout programs take place at The Raptor Center and can fit with your troop’s needs - weekends and evenings are available! If our presenters come to your location, some badge activities may not be available.

Contact us at [email protected] to register.