Letter from the director
April 24, 2024
Victoria Hall
Dr. Victoria Hall with bald eagle ambassador Maxime

For 50 years, The Raptor Center has stood as a beacon of hope and compassion, tirelessly working to provide vital medical care and rehabilitation to ill and injured raptors. Through our unwavering dedication, we have given a record number of birds a second chance at life, allowing them to soar once again in the skies they call home. Our specialized hospital has supported more than 30,000 birds in need and has trained a global network of veterinary and rehabilitation professionals who now enhance the care and welfare of raptors worldwide.

Alongside our rehabilitation efforts, The Raptor Center has become known for actively championing public education. We enlighten minds and inspire hearts with our engaging educational programs and professional workshops. By deepening understanding and appreciation for raptors, we empower individuals to become guardians of our natural world, working toward a brighter future for all generations.

As our clinical and educational work helps to grow the environmental stewardship of the public, behind the scenes our commitment to ecosystem health research helps to grow the collective knowledge of professionals. Our work is leading to invaluable discoveries that not only benefit raptors but also enrich the broader field of environmental and conservation science. This ongoing research continues to break new ground, offering innovative solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

Presently, The Raptor Center serves as a global leader in wildlife rehabilitation and environmental stewardship through community support and dedicated effort. We are renowned not only for setting the standards of care but also for our openness and eagerness to share knowledge and engage on a global scale. We recognize that the future of raptors and the environment we share depends on a worldwide network of experts collaborating to safeguard tomorrow.

In this issue, we are sharing the stories of the excellence that The Raptor Center carries out every day. I invite you to rejoice in the ways you have helped raptors and allowed The Raptor Center to spread our wings, making us not just “A” Raptor Center, but “The” Raptor Center. This is the second of three 50th Anniversary “Raptor Release” editions, over the course of which we aim to take you on a journey into our past, through our present, and into a promising future.

- Victoria Hall, DVM, MS, DACVPM
Executive Director and Redig Endowed Chair
in Raptor and Ecosystem Health

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