We've converted our traditional teacher-led course to a self-paced self study that you can take at your own speed! 6 modules with videos and activities to teach you the key components of reconditioning raptors for release and evaluating their progress.

A primary goal of raptor rehabilitation is to prepare releasable raptor patients for success when they are well enough to be reintroduced into the wild population. Success can be defined as the ability to perform activities such as hunting, defending a territory, breeding, and for some species, migrating.

To meet these goals, a raptor must go through a phase of reconditioning before release. Physical reconditioning is a necessity, and for some raptors, mental conditioning is also needed. In this online course, you will learn basic exercise physiology, the creance exercise technique for reconditioning raptors, methods for “getting a raptor’s head in the game,” established release criteria, and considerations for the release itself.

This course offers up to 3 continuing education credits, as certified by Minnesota’s Board of Veterinary Medicine.

This is a self-paced, online course spread out over 6 modules. Each has a video lesson of about 35-45 minutes followed by an online activity and additional resources.

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Bald eagle creance flight