Creance exercise has been used to recondition recuperating raptor patients for over four decades. If done properly, it is an efficient technique for rebuilding weakened flight muscles and cardiovascular endurance, restoring flight mechanics, and evaluating a raptor’s progress. TRC has created this resource to help you learn how to creance raptors safely and demonstrates using basic exercise principles to efficiently meet species-specific reconditioning goals.

This creance manual includes instructions as well as example videos; upon purchase you will be invited to join an online platform site where the manual and these videos are housed. The manual also has two accompanying appendices of videos with species-specific examples of proper flight form to help you better asses your own raptor patients.

The manual and appendices can each be purchased separately or together as a bundle for a discount.

Creance manual only (downloadable pdf and access to watch videos): $49.99
Appendix 1, flight videos of strigiformes (owls): $12.99
Appendix 2, flight videos of hawks, eagles, falcons, and vultures: $19.99
Bundle (BEST DEAL), creance manual with videos and both appendix 1 and 2: $69.99

About the author: Lori Arent is the assistant director at The Raptor Center and since 1989 has played a major role in managing the clinic and overseeing the rehabilitation of raptor patients. She also assists in training veterinary and non-veterinary students, maintains the clinic database, and authors educational materials including, Raptors in Captivity: Guidelines for Care and Management. Lori is a master falconer and has a master’s degree in veterinary biology from the University of Minnesota.

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