From the clinic

Red-tailed hawk overcomes damaged feathers to take flight once more

 “Light as a feather” is a phrase often used to describe something light and insubstantial. Feathers may be lightweight, but they’re anything but insubstantial.

A long-awaited return to the wild

Some patients require a bit more time to heal than others. First arriving in October of 2020 with all his flight feathers singed, this male peregrine falcon had to molt and regrow a whole new set. He was able to return back to the wild September of 2021.

Give the breath of life to raptors in need

Thanks to The Raptor Center’s outstanding donors, last year we were able to purchase an oxygen concentrator for our clinic.

TRC internships train the next generation of avian and wildlife veterinarians

The Raptor Center (TRC) provides two, one-year internship training programs for postgraduate veterinary professionals interested in advancing their skills in avian and wildlife medicine.

Freedom the eagle lands in new home

Three things defined the Fourth of July week in 2016: A bald eagle. An army veteran. A rescue.

Baby Fever

Spring marks start of busy season fielding concerned calls about young raptors.

Clinic statistics

The year 2020 certainly will go down in history for many reasons. At The Raptor Center, it could be called the year of the owls. 

Earth Day raptor releases

It's Earth Day, and The Raptor Center had six individual bird releases! See their stories and see pictures from each.

Raptor Center volunteers release three snowy owls

In early April, we had three snowy owls to release on the same day. Our amazing Raptor Center volunteers were there to usher them back to the wild.

March Gladness - A month of bird releases in pictures

March was a busy month in our clinic and things won't slow down anytime soon. We released 26 birds back to the wild this month. See a collection of these raptors in our slideshow.