Promoting a healthy coexistence
June 01, 2020
Steve Turnbull, Photo by Steve Turnbull
MACC building

Our many incredible community partners each support our efforts to rehabilitate raptors and improve the world we share. One such partner, Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC), is an ally in rescuing and transporting birds in Minneapolis to our clinic. With nearly 30 employees made up of control officers, veterinarians, and animal care staff, MACC is often on the front lines of calls and inquiries from the public about wildlife, including raptors.

MACC’s mission is to promote a safe community through responsible animal ownership and humane care. MACC officers are trained to educate the public on strategies to minimize conflict and promote healthy coexistence with the wildlife species in our community. When a wild raptor needs help, their officers respond, assess the situation, and safely capture and transport those that need help to The Raptor Center’s clinic for the medical and rehabilitative care we provide.

Field Supervisor John Kilner has been with MACC for 16 years and has saved several raptors over that time. He says one rescue in particular stood out: a young peregrine falcon found on a sidewalk in downtown Minneapolis. The bird was known and banded, but it hadn’t been seen for several weeks and was thought to have died. Thanks to his swift rescue, we were able to get the young falcon into our clinic, where it received urgent medical care. Once healthy, it was later released. “It was special for me to be a small part of that bird’s story,” Kilner says, “and to witness the care and attention provided to these birds by the dedicated Raptor Center team of professionals.”

We are incredibly grateful for the services and support that MACC provides, and for their invaluable partnership in rescuing injured raptors in the city of Minneapolis.