Join a first-of-its-kind network of raptor rehabilitators and veterinarians through a 24/7 membership portal with access to convenient, cutting edge, and practically relevant raptor rehabilitation information whenever and wherever you need it with Raptor Academy On Demand!

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Wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians work on the front line of treating and managing wildlife, oftentimes working alone or in small groups which can feel isolating. Raptor Academy On Demand brings the community to the individual by hosting all of the most current and relevant raptor rehabilitation info, techniques, and training in one place.

Accessible at any time, find information on general raptor rehabilitation topics, instructional videos, photos, and downloadable resources that hold the answers to many common rehabilitation challenges and problems. Further, attend live one-hour "rounds" twice each month where you can meet with our experts and discuss challenging topics, review cases, and ask questions in rehabilitation and veterinary care. Plus, as a member you get 15% off all additional Raptor Academy courses and webinars.

Cost: $120 for six months

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