Raptor Spotlight

Raptor spotlight: Cricket

Sporting the gorgeous slate blue wings and solid deep cinnamon tail of male American kestrels, Cricket is a popular raptor ambassador at The Raptor Center. He joined the education team in 2021 after he was presumed to be “orphaned” and was raised by people with good intentions.

Raptor Spotlight: Samantha

Meet Samantha, a 30+ year old subarctic great horned owl that has been with The Raptor Center since 1992.

Raptor spotlight: Warner

Found on the ground with head trauma from an unknown source, Warner now has a permanent home with The Raptor Center as an educational ambassador.

Freedom's next adventure

Freedom the bald eagle came to The Raptor Center in perhaps the most dramatic way possible - but he's now about to begin his next big adventure at a New Jersey zoo.

What makes a raptor - Part 1, hooked beaks

Raptors have a combination of unique features, including a hooked, sharp beak. Beaks help a raptor eat, preen, and even FLY!

Raptor Spotlight: Scout

Scout is from Oregon where he was taken illegally from the wild. Once discovered, authorities took Scout and placed him with a rehabilitator who assessed his health and his ability to survive in the wild.

Raptor Spotlight: Spruce

Spruce was first found in 2018 on the side of the road along the north shore of Lake Superior. Raptor Center staff and volunteers selected her name because saw-whet owls live in the northern boreal forests, where spruce trees are abundant.

Raptor Spotlight: Palisade the Peregrine Falcon

Palisade was acquired through the generous support of a loyal TRC donor and purchased from Andy Weaver, a falconer who teaches biology at Stillwater Area High School in Stillwater, Minn.

Raptor Spotlight: Nero the Turkey Vulture

Since Nero was raised by people and does not have the skills required to be released back to the wild, he became an education ambassador. He has since taught thousands of people about turkey vultures and the importance of scavengers in our environment. He has been one of our main display birds since 1993

A sooty rescue

When a Minnesota resident went to light a fire in her fireplace, the sound of a distressed bird in her chimney gave her pause. Suspecting the bird was an owl, she knew to call The Raptor Center (TRC) to perform a rescue.