WRKE acronym visualized as wildlife rehabilitation knowledge exchange

WRKE is a peer-to-peer message board platform for wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, and other wildlife care professionals hosted by the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), a long-standing networking site for veterinarians.

WRKE has been established as a dedicated space within VIN where wildlife rehabilitation professionals can openly exchange information and build camaraderie. The WRKE platform is being coordinated and moderated by five major wildlife rehabilitation organizations: 

WRKE Coordinators

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A safe space for professional connection

Wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, support staff and volunteers at WR organizations, and permitting agency representatives may join WRKE. Members of the broader VIN network will also have access. The platform is not open to the public nor to professionals outside wildlife or general veterinary care. This boundary is meant to foster an environment of free, honest, and secure information & knowledge sharing within our profession.

WRKE is a free platform available for users to connect, bolster a shared community of practice, and allow sharing of information and expertise. Users can post public messages, respond to posts, and engage with fellow users across the sector. Free exchange of information, opinions, and expertise is the core of WRKE, and we hope members will serve as unique resources, supporters, and sounding boards for one another.

Questions? Contact [email protected]

OR find answers to common questions in our FAQ:

Who is not allowed on WRKE? 

The general public, folks “interested in” but not licensed for rehabilitation, your family, friends, or followers, etc. WRKE is designed to be a community-of-practice space for those active in or auxiliary to the sector to allow for the free and open exchange of information. 

What can you post about? 

The WRKE message boards will be organized by taxa, in order to help folks get help on specific patients or cases as quickly as possible. There will also be another folder for non-taxa posts where users can pose questions or start discussions relating to their wildlife rehabilitation work. WRKE is being established as a professional platform, so personal or off-topic posts are discouraged.

How much does it cost?

WRKE is free to join and access; there are no future plans for separate costs for new WRKE users. 

How is the site monitored / moderated? 

WRKE is being established as an open platform for professionals in wildlife rehabilitation to share their knowledge and information with each other on a voluntary basis. VIN, the coordinating organizations, and WRKE moderators do not endorse or verify any of the information being shared by individuals with one another on the platform. Community participants must rely solely on their own judgment with respect to all issues discussed. The Coordinators do not approve or endorse any specific practices that may be mentioned on the Platform. The Coordinators make no representations or warranties regarding the experience, qualifications or information provided by Community participants. Moderation will focus primarily on helping users post in the correct folders and removing any actively harmful content or post.