Jumping to action to save poisoned eagles found near landfill

On Sunday, December 4th, the Inver Grove Heights Police Department brought in a sick juvenile bald eagle that they had found in the snow. On intake, TRC’s Medical Director, Dr. Dana, found that it was highly likely that it was suffering from pentobarbital poisoning, the primary agent used in euthanasia solution. Eagles can get secondary poisoning if they scavenge on the body of an animal that was euthanized with the chemical. This bird was flu tested and admitted for care.

Kirk Klocke

Partners for Wildlife Outreach Project Specialist

Kaycee Daentl, DVM

Partners for Wildlife Veterinary Intern

Kathryn Rasp, DVM

Veterinary Intern

Kelsey Rayment, DVM

Veterinary Resident

Kelsey Rayment, DVM

Veterinary Resident

Conquering crisis through communication: P4W connects, educates wildlife rehabbers during HPAI pandemic

Partners for Wildlife (P4W) is centered around communication—creating connections, sharing resources, and building a stronger, more resilient wildlife rehabilitation community. Nothing this year has brought that more to the forefront than the devastating challenge of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).