Partners for Wildlife (P4W) Request for Proposals

July 13, 2022: Partners for Wildlife is seeking proposals for 12-month, grant-based projects from wildlife rehabilitators and rehabilitation organizations throughout the program's seven-state focus area. P4W seeks to support projects and activities that will advance the welfare of wildlife undergoing rehabilitation; please read below to learn more about project requirements, eligibility, and application instructions. Proposals are due by September 30, 2022. If you have questions, please email Rob Kulhanek, P4W Program Manager, at [email protected].

Theme + Goals

Proposals submitted for grant support under this call must reflect one or both of these core P4W tenets: increasing capacity and/or building competency within the applicant's wildlife rehabilitation practice. Proposals can include funding requests for multiple projects or outcomes; proposals should clearly define which tenet(s) are being addressed and why these are priorities for the applicant’s practice.

Since capacity and competency are both broad categories, P4W is providing a set of more granular effort areas within each that our program is interested in supporting. Please note that the examples below do not represent the only possible project areas, and that P4W is eager to support a broad range of creative and impactful activities.

Increasing Capacity

Building Competency

Improving medical care (acquiring medical supplies, equipment)

Continuing education (staff training, classes, professional orgs) 

Improving access to a veterinarian or veterinary services

Public outreach (educating audiences on safe wildlife interaction)

Developing protocols, biosecurity plans, or other documents

Supporting evidence-based medicine using generated data

Improving or expanding patient enclosures + rehab spaces

Hosting training sessions or workshops for staff/volunteers/public

In addition to these two overarching areas, proposals should also address the following key questions:

  1. Animal Impact: How do the proposed efforts directly impact the wild animals the applicant cares for? What kinds of impacts would this funding have on animals in care (taking in more animals, providing more patients better care, providing relief or euthanasia more readily to suffering animals)
  2. Sustainability: How does the individual or organization plan to continue supporting newly-developed processes or programs after the P4W award period ends? 

Key Dates

Application Period Opens: July 15, 2022 / Application Period Closes: September 30, 2022

Award Period Starts: December 1, 2022 / Award Period Ends: November 30, 2023

Available Funding

Eligible individuals and organizations can apply for grants ranging between $5,000 - $15,000 for the 12-month award period. The estimated number of grants to be awarded under this request is 10 - 18 total grants. Grants are not intended to cover all possible expenses or to fund the project indefinitely.


Applicants must be a licensed or otherwise government-sanctioned individual or organization that works on the rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wild animals. Proof of licensure or other authorization will be required for grant recipients. There are no species or patient number limitations for this RFP; individual rehabilitators must be capable and authorized to accept a minimum of $5,000 in grant funding. 

Focus Area: Wildlife rehabilitators and rehabilitation organizations must be physically located and active in one of the following U.S. states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, or Alaska

Grant Stipulations

Accepted grantees will be required to submit two short reports: one interim report halfway through the granting period and a final report at the end of the period. Regular communication with the P4W team is required; responding to inquiries and attending regular, informal check-in meetings is essential to receive the full funding amount.

How to Apply

Please fill out the P4W Grant Project Proposal Form as thoroughly as possible. Once the form opens in a new window, please download it using the button in the upper right corner and use the provided digital fields directly in the form to respond to all questions. 

Once you finalize your proposal, please submit the form as an email attachment to [email protected]. Please use the subject line “P4W RFP 2022 - Your Name / Organization’s Name” so our staff can filter and store your submission properly. You can submit any other documents or data you wish to include via the same email.

Questions or other concerns about this process, the form, or P4W more broadly can be directed to Rob Kulhanek, P4W Program Manager, at [email protected].