General News

The Raptor Release Returns!

The Raptor Center is happy to announce the return of the Raptor Release! This free event is a way for our community to share in the successes of returning magnificent raptors back to the wild.

What do birds do in Minnesota winter?

Why do birds migrate south for the winter? Most people will say that it is cold here in the winter, so birds want to move south to where it is warmer. That is actually why people go south for the winter, but it is not the reason bird’s move south.

In memory of Nero

Beloved turkey vulture ambassador Nero, one of the oldest known turkey vultures in North America, passed away on April 19, 2022 at 47 years of age. He had a lasting impact on conservation and our understanding of his species, and inspired hundreds of thousands as an education ambassador. Nero will be dearly missed.

The Wilder Side of Nature

A fun, new three-part talk series that brings together experts in ecosystem health from diverse backgrounds, highlighting the ways unexpected topics are intertwined.

Tax-wise tips for year-end charitable giving

Take advantage of two beneficial tax provisions set to expire the end of this year!

A raptor spin on some spooky Halloween fun

Halloween is full of spooky monsters and creepy themes. We took a few of the classic Halloween characters and gave them a raptor twist!

A long-awaited return to the wild

Some patients require a bit more time to heal than others. First arriving in October of 2020 with all his flight feathers singed, this male peregrine falcon had to molt and regrow a whole new set. He was able to return back to the wild September of 2021.

How to help declining American kestrel populations

The number of American kestrels admitted to our clinic has seen a decrease in the past several decades, which speaks to the larger population decline across all of North America. Learn more about what you can do to help this charismatic falcon species.

Earth Day raptor releases

It's Earth Day, and The Raptor Center had six individual bird releases! See their stories and see pictures from each.