Aiding the endangered

Dedicated care at TRC returns young California condor to the wild.

The eaglet that got into a pickle

In 1998, a fledgling eagle survived a fall from its nest on a pickle factory property thanks to the swift action of Gedney staff and The Raptor Center. Reunited with its parents, this eagle later became a vital contributor to its species' recovery.

Clinic statistics, Fall 2023

So far, the total number of raptors admitted to the hospital is similar to that of recent years. Looking back, this number has been at a slow but steady increase for the most common species found in Minnesota.

On the front lines: The critical role of volunteers in baby season

Volunteers at The Raptor Center (TRC) play an integral part in nearly every step of the raptor rehabilitation process, and baby season is no exception. While all TRC volunteers receive thorough training on best practices for working with raptors, “baby volunteers” receive even more extensive coaching to learn how to assess different situations and safely interact with youngsters.

Flu fighters: Highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak prompts adaptations to young raptor care

In the midst of this severe disease outbreak, TRC staff came up with creative solutions to continue to provide care for juvenile raptors while preventing transmission of HPAI between patients or to nests.

Nestlings and the network: P4W amplifies TRC’s critical raptor knowledge

When the Partners for Wildlife (P4W) team engages with its network of wildlife rehabilitators and centers, it’s striking how significant the role of raptors— particularly young raptors—is in the sector.

Bringing up baby: TRC staff employs a number of tactics to keep young patients wild

Wildlife rehabilitators across the world are fortunate to work with many incredible species. As advocates for these animals, their utmost goal is to keep patients wild and return them back to nature.

Clinic statistics - Spring, 2023

The spirit and resilience patients often show is inspiring and fuels the clinic as it works endlessly on behalf of these incredible birds. Check out 2022 admissions top 5 species.

Clinic statistics as of September 30, 2022

Despite the challenges of a raging bird virus, The Raptor Center’s clinic admitted 825 raptors as of Sept. 30, just a few less than this same time period last year.